About Microgenetics

Photo of the Microgenetics team

Our story

Innovation is at our core. It is, after all, the reason we formed back in 2014 when our sister company Bath ASU needed a new, smarter method for microbiological environmental monitoring. As a result, our passionate team has developed products that innovate microbiology and molecular diagnostic technologies for the pharmaceutical industry, kickstarting our mission to help humankind win the war against pathogens.

SmartControl EM is our environmental monitoring software; built in line with EU GMP Annex 11 and FDA CFR Part 11, it helps users meet regulation, enhance data integrity and take better environmental monitoring decisions. Also in the SmartControl family, our Colony Counter uses Machine Learning to automate the slow and error-prone colony counting process, even for complex plates such as environmental monitoring samples. Finally, SwiftDetect is our rapid sterility test, capable of testing down to a single cell of contamination, harnessing results in under 6 hours.

Our values

We operate through four fundamental values:

  • We continuously ask “Can it be better?”​
  • We take every opportunity to learn more​
  • We are committed to our community and our team's careers
  • We put the needs of patients first​