5 ways SmartControl is accessible to labs of all sizes

17 June 2020

Whatever the size of your lab, there are numerous benefits to using SmartControl which make it suitable for labs of all sizes - here are 5 of them.


Different facilities may have different priorities and needs for their environmental monitoring, which is why we offer three different tiers of SmartControl. Compliance allows users to meet data integrity requirements and GMP Annex 11 & 21 CFR Part 11; Insight has additional features to help you get a more in-depth understanding of your data; and Enterprise gives multiple sites management tools and customisation. There are also optional extras from automatic plate reading to importing of historical data, enhancing the personalisation of SmartControl for your lab. Therefore, SmartControl is a flexible solution suitable for labs of all sizes.

User friendly

No matter the size of your team or how many samples you process every day, SmartControl makes the whole process of environmental monitoring simple from start to finish. Entering a sample takes just 5 seconds, meaning that even for labs with high throughput, you will save time. SmartControl also instantly notifies users of limit breaches, which means investigations can be carried out sooner rather than later. Whilst this feature is sure to make life easier for labs of any size, this will particularly help busy labs! Finally, being easy to use means that it won’t take long for your team to become familiar with the system – they’ll all be SmartControl experts in no time!


Being a paperless solution not only helps to increase your data integrity but by removing paper, you save money on the cost of administration effort and materials. In addition to this, with SmartControl your data is stored in the cloud, saving archive space which would especially benefit smaller labs, which means that running out of room is almost impossible for larger ones!

Unlimited number of users

Being a cloud-based environmental monitoring system, data is instantly accessible to an unlimited number of users. So, no matter the size of your team, everyone can access the environmental monitoring data they need and have been given access to.

Subscription-based pricing

Particularly for labs with a small throughput, despite being aware of the risks of environmental monitoring, it may be difficult to justify expensive environmental monitoring software with upfront costs and maintenance fees. Luckily, SmartControl has neither. We have a subscription-based pricing model making it accessible to labs of all sizes, the tiers discussed above allow labs to choose what requirements they need to a budget that suits them. SmartControl is kept up to date with regulatory trends but there are no hidden costs – everything is included in your monthly subscription.

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