Boost perceptions of QC with SmartControl EM software

22 February 2022

Does your QC department find itself under internal pressure to perform better?


Despite being the very team who ensures product safety, QC departments often struggle to prove value to the wider business. This is particularly the case when paper-based environmental monitoring systems and spreadsheets are used, making the ALCOA+ principles of data integrity a challenge to meet. Difficulty in meeting regulation further strains internal relationships, particularly when under external scrutiny from regulatory bodies such as the MHRA.


If you find your team are in this situation, SmartControl EM can help. BSI certified environmental monitoring software, SmartControl EM was designed in line with guidance from the MHRA to help users meet regulation, enhance data integrity and take better environmental monitoring decisions. Here’s how it can help boost internal perceptions of your team.

Increase productivity

SmartControl EM is a paperless solution, minimising the number of transcription stages throughout the environmental monitoring process. Users simply input data directly into the system, which forms part of an immutable audit trail. This has clear benefits for your data integrity, but also boosts productivity as booking in a sample takes just 6 seconds, with no need to duplicate work. Your team can use the time saved by this improved efficiency for second checks or innovation. Speak to our team today to learn how much time SmartControl EM could save you.

Confidence in your data

SmartControl EM helps users adhere to ALCOA+ principles. Less transcription stages reduces the chance of human error, improving the accuracy of data and meaning original records are always used. Being a digital system, records are legible and stored in the cloud (enduring) along with information such as time of collection and any subsequent changes as part of an audit trail, making records contemporaneous, consistent and complete. Leading nicely onto our next point, data is also easily accessible. This enables you and other internal stakeholders to have confidence in the integrity of your data and reporting.

Convenient, easy access to data

Being cloud-based environmental monitoring software, data stored in SmartControl EM is easily accessible to anyone who needs it, anywhere. No crashing spreadsheets that can only be accessed by one person at a time or fumbling through filing cabinets trying to find original records. Instead, your records and reports are all just a few clicks away and immediately available.

Reporting at your fingertips

Pulling data from multiple, error-prone spreadsheets and limitations of available analysis tools can make reporting a time-consuming challenge. Because of this, there is often a delay in reporting, preventing timely action on any trends identified. SmartControl makes analysis of facilities and trends simple. It can automatically pull all relevant data into graphs, reports or even floorplan heatmaps. This can then be customised and filtered, so data can be easily understood and reviewed as required. You’ll gain a deeper insight into your facility, which can only increase confidence of internal stakeholders in the results gained.

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