We're a ClimateShot Ally!

12 January 2022

 When we developed SwiftDetect, we had a few aims:

  1. A turnaround time quick enough for you to make informed decisions almost in real-time ✅ Note: it's within 1 business day
  2. A test so sensitive and accurate, that it can detect down to just a few viable pathogen cells
  3. To continue developing the test so we can detect even more diseases, in a variety of crops ✅ Note: we are expanding our service by 5x this year at least 👀

Of course, these are just a few of our aims. But as a result of meeting them, our customers can use fungicide more efficiently and effectively. Better for the purse strings with no compromise to yield, but also helpful for the environment. Which leads us nicely onto why we've become a ClimateShot ally!

 What is ClimateShot?

The ClimateShot campaign - or more formally, The Global Action Agenda for Innovation in Agriculture - will close the ‘innovation gap’ in agriculture and food systems. This gap is seen to hold back current ambitions in adapting to — and mitigating the impact of — climate change. 

The objectives of the campaign are to:

  • Increase investment in agricultural research and innovation to create more climate-resilient, low-emission technologies and practices
  • Focus at least a third of agricultural research and innovation investments deliver demand-driven solutions across food systems, to protect nature and limit climate change
  • Showcase successful business models and promote public-private partnerships that deploy these innovations on the scale needed to meet the climate and food security challenge
  • Forge consensus on the evidence of what works, and facilitate inclusive dialogue among food and climate champions around the world.

Why it's important

Agricultural innovations such as SwiftDetect will play a key role in helping the farming industry meet future demand, whilst reaching climate goals. The acceleration of these innovations has never been more important, with an increased focus on the impact of the industry on climate change as well as a rising population, meaning farming has to get smarter. ClimateShot will be key in promoting this acceleration, so we are proud to be an ally.