SmartControl: floorplan visualisation tool

27 August 2021

Developed in line with feedback from quality professionals, SmartControl has been created to help users meet regulation, enhance data integrity and take better environmental monitoring decisions.

As part of the SmartControl subscription, we regularly provide our customers with hassle-free updates to our intuitive environmental monitoring software, meaning they always have access to the most feature rich version. In fact, we’ve recently released Version 3, which is more user friendly than ever before, yet with new and improved innovative features.

One of our new features is our floorplan visualisation tool. This provides you with an overview into the state of your facility, heat mapping excursions so you can easily identify problem areas and solve issues as they are occurring.

How does it work?

Users simply upload an image of their floorplan to SmartControl, where the locations in which environmental monitoring is conducted can be added. To build a more accurate picture of the cleanroom environment, grades and breach limits for these locations can also be included.

When environmental monitoring data is then entered into SmartControl, this will be plotted on the floorplan. You will be able to easily see where in your facility excursions have occurred, and the heat map will highlight problem areas.

Floorplan visualisation video


Benefits to your environmental monitoring

Perhaps the biggest benefit of the tool is allowing you to identify problem areas quickly and easily, rather than having to manually go through your data. Of course, when this process is manual, it is resource heavy and time consuming; by the time problem areas are identified, it may be too late to act accordingly.

In contrast, through using our floorplan tool, you can easily see where excursions have occurred throughout your facility and act immediately. Over time, you can build up a picture of where excursions are repeated – insight which could help you reduce the number of excursions in the long term.

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