What is SmartControl?

SmartControl is an intuitive, risk-reducing environmental monitoring software that aims to modernise your microbiology lab.

Environmental monitoring can be time-consuming and is open to risks, including data duplication and transcription errors. We have developed SmartControl as a new way for you to capture, manage and track your data, making your lab paperless, efficient and smart.

The problem

If you are still using paper, Excel or other legacy systems in your lab, you may be facing some of these challenges:

Maintaining data integrity

Maintaining data integrity

Legacy systems often require multiple manual transcription stages, which is time consuming and leads to a risk of human error. In addition, maintaining the ALCOA+ principles of data integrity can be difficult—or even impossible—leading to a lack of trust in your data.

Taking immediate action

Taking immediate action

Missing limit breaches is too easy with a manual system and when a breach is discovered, you may lack easy access to the information you need to investigate. Trends in breaches can also be challenging to detect and moving data into a separate reporting tool adds further delay.

Demonstrating value to the business

Demonstrating value to the business

Pressure from executive leadership to improve operational and financial performance is growing for many labs, not helped by the resource-heavy nature of outdated, more manual systems. With so much resource required for data entry, there is little time left for second checking and innovation, making it difficult to meet regulatory pressures.


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Click to download a PDF of our whitepaper - Microbes aren't your only threat: the risks of environmental monitoring - for more on the challenges you may be facing in your lab and how to solve them.


How SmartControl will help you

Quick and easy

Quick and easy

With its user-friendly interface, simple input of data and smart reporting, SmartControl takes away the pain of entering and capturing your environmental monitoring data. Enter a sample in just 5 seconds and identify trends in minutes, with instant notifications of limit breaches allowing for immediate action if a problem is revealed, all while meeting MHRA data integrity guidance.

Accurate and audited

Accurate and audited

With SmartControl, your risk of data input and transcription errors is substantially reduced. Every action is recorded in the immutable audit trail and can be augmented with the high-resolution photo-capture of every plate. By helping you to meet the ALCOA+ principles of data integrity, with SmartControl you will be able to re-gain trust in your data.

Safe and regulated

Safe and regulated

As SmartControl is cloud based software, your environmental monitoring data is encrypted and stored safely and securely. SmartControl is built and updated to meet the requirements of GMP Annex 11, so you can be confident of staying ahead of future regulatory requirements too.

Simple to set up

Simple to set up

Testing and validation is completed by Microgenetics and with no physical server installation, set up is fast, there is zero maintenance and improved reliability. Our pricing model also means our software is accessible for labs of all sizes with just one monthly subscription payment, no upfront charges or maintenance costs.

Bring your lab into the future

Bring your lab into the future

SmartControl is the digital solution you need to track environmental monitoring samples without paper and excel spreadsheets. A paperless lab for your environmental monitoring means you can save archive space, administration effort and reduce your environmental footprint.

How SmartControl works

Book in your environmental monitoring

Book in your environmental monitoring sample data into our user-friendly interface in just 5 seconds.

Read your plates

Read your plates and, if desired, capture a photo with the SmartControl photobooth to give an augmented audit trail with irrefutable evidence of plate status.

Analyse your results

Analyse your results. Wave goodbye to complicated spreadsheets; you can carry out in-depth analysis of your data in SmartControl within seconds, and being cloud based software, you can access your environmental monitoring data at any time.

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Flexible subscription pricing

We want to be accessible to and meet the needs of labs of all sizes, which is why we offer three tiers of SmartControl:

Compliance offers everything required to meet data integrity requirements and GMP Annex 11​.
Insight gives additional features that allow for an even more in depth understanding of your data​, whilst also enabling you to meet data integrity guidelines and GMP Annex 11.
Enterprise gives multi-site organisations enterprise management tools and customisation.

Our pricing model makes SmartControl accessible to labs of all sizes with a single subscription fee that includes:

  • Unlimited users
  • Photo booth
  • Comprehensive validation documentation
  • Complete training material and support
  • Two on-site onboarding days
  • All feature updates and bug fixes
  • All software and server maintenance
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Compliant, paperless QC sample tracking and reporting

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  • Compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and GMP Annex 11
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited users
  • Paperless QC sample tracking
  • Simple, intuitive trend analysis
  • Smart checks for sample photos
  • Custom fields
  • Custom role permissions
  • Audit logs
  • Monitoring planner
  • Bulk operations
  • Sandbox for testing new releases
  • SmartUser email support 8:30am to 5pm UK business days


Smart data integrity checks, more in-depth analysis of data for generating insights and advanced reporting capabilities

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  • Includes everything in Compliance
  • Contextual reporting tools
  • Floor plan visualisations
  • Smart insights
  • Custom reports
  • Automated notifications
  • Machine learning model for colony counting
  • SmartUser email support 8:30am to 5pm UK 7 days per week

Enterprise Coming soon

Enhanced productivity and quality risk management

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  • Includes everything in Insight
  • Multi-site support
  • SmartControl API
  • Custom application integration
  • Single sign-on (SSO)
  • Offline mode
  • IP restrictions
  • Custom branding
  • Full support service including Smart Chat 08:30am to 5pm UK 7 days per week

Optional Extras

  • Importing of historical data
  • Track from the point of exposure
  • Automatic plate reading
  • Outsourced plate reading
  • AI growth identification suggestions
  • On-premises consulting
  • Third-party integrations

Committed to excellence

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