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 Colony counting technology for the pharmaceutical industry

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Revolutionary Colony Counting technology

Developed by Quality professionals, SmartControl Colony Counter uses cutting-edge Machine Learning technology to automate the slow and error-prone colony counting process, even for complex plates such as environmental monitoring samples.

SmartControl Colony Counter’s Machine Learning technology can be adapted to read a wide range of sample types. The data used to develop our Machine Learning Technology was created by trained microbiologists at Microgenetics, removing the need for the users to gather training data.

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Repeatable results

Unlike Human operators, SmartControl Colony Counter won't get tired or bored with repetitive tasks. It gives consistently accurate results, while removing the subjectivity of manual plate counting.

Time saving

SmartControl Colony Counter can be used as a first or second check, saving time and resources.

Meet regulation

SmartControl Colony Counter was built with GMP and data integrity guidelines in mind. It's compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and EU GMP Annex 11 and validated against human counting methods.

How it works


1. Image capture

Capture an image of your plate using the SmartControl Photobooth, giving fhigh resolution 5k photographs. Let our Machine Learning technology count your colonies.

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2. Upload to the cloud

The high-resolution image is uploaded and stored safely in the cloud, providing a permanent record of the state of the plate.

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Confirm your result

Analyse the photograph and confirm your result. Use the result as a first or second check. Any changes to the data will be stored in your audit trail.

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Integration with SmartControl EM or LIMS

SmartControl Colony Counter can integrate with SmartControl EM - our software solution to help you meet regulation, enhance data integrity and take better environmental monitoring decisions - or any LIMS you may already have set up in your facility. 

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