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Sample management

Reading and viewing samples is quick and easy. Manually booking in takes just 6 seconds, or you can book in from the scheduling tool. All relevant details associated with your samples are stored in the cloud, so are easily accessible to an unlimited number of users. Samples are filterable through any feature, and images or documents can be attached to individual samples. Results and identifications are easily added to samples, with autofill available when you start typing an organism name, ensuring no spelling errors or typos.

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Sample tracking

Have confidence in the status of your environmental monitoring by tracking your samples. An at-a-glance view of the status of samples, including ‘booked in’, ‘for review’, and ‘awaiting identification’, is available on the SmartControl EM home screen. If you require more detail though, the samples overview tab has a range of filtering options from date and sample name to status, organism type and number of excursions.

Sample Scheduling

Generate complex scheduling plans with ease. Sample scheduling with SmartControl EM enables you to create monitoring groups that can be set recursively, as well as ad-hoc groups for when you have unplanned monitoring. Your schedule will be visible to anyone who needs it, making it easy to plan and prepare. For example, share your schedule with your Quality Control team, so they know in advance what samples are due to be delivered and provision resource accordingly. You can also set notifications for when monitoring is missed, so you can act immediately.
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Instant notifications

Never miss a limit breach again. You can set SmartControl EM to notify you of certain limit or trend breaches, both within SmartControl and through email notification. You can also tag other users who will receive notifications of these messages, ensuring no relevant information is missed.

Complete audit trail

According to GMP Annex 11 and CFR Part 11 guidelines, any changes made to key data must have a reason added, and e-signatures must be used as per facility regulations to approve changes. Each sample in SmartControl EM has an audit trail, and there is also a full and filterable global audit trail available which shows all actions taken. Back-up and restore functions are part of SmartControl EM, with data also duplicated immediately upon entry to ensure no data is lost.
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Data storage

Your SmartControl EM data is safely stored on the cloud, so it’s accessible to an unlimited number of approved users when they need it, wherever they are. The amount of storage is also unlimited with SmartControl EM.

Floorplan visualisations 

Identify problem areas quickly and solve issues as they’re occurring using the floorplan visualisation tool. Upload images of your floorplans to SmartControl EM, where locations, grades and breach limits can be added. When you then book in your samples, your data will be plotted on the floorplan so you can see when and where excursions have occurred.
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Take the stress out of analysing your environmental monitoring data. A range of graph types are available, such as organism breakdowns and contamination rate by location. Get the information you need quickly and easily with simple to use filters, which can help you create meaningful visualisations of your data at your fingertips.


Save time and effort in reporting with automatic generation of batch, deviation, regular reports and more. Reports can be set to recur so you don’t have the hassle of setting parameters each time and you can even set reminders. When performing investigations, use SmartControl EM pre-built reports. These tell you all about your limit breaches, operators, or locations, so you have instant access to all the information you need. Missed monitoring reports allow you to assess and trend missed monitoring at the click of a button.
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In addition to our reporting and analysis tools, you can define as many of your own trends in SmartControl EM as you need and receive alerts when your condition is met. SmartControl is always looking at your data, meaning you don’t have to manually sift through thousands of samples to identify an adverse trend. For example, if an operator has been involved in three limit breaches over a month-long period you can be notified and take the necessary action.


SmartControl EM is easily integrated to any LIMS and hardware which allows communication, so you can have full connectivity of your systems. This includes colony counters, plate readers, endotoxin machines, or other automated systems.

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