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How SmartControl can help you:

Take the hassle out of environmental monitoring 

With easy-to-use tools from sample tracking and scheduling to powerful reporting features, wave goodbye to complicated spreadsheets, paper and legacy systems that are a daily hassle. 

Reduce risk in your facility 

Especially if you're using a legacy system, the process of environmental monitoring is open to risk and may breach the ALCOA+ principles. SmartControl has been designed to minimise this - read our whitepaper to learn more. 

Industry leading customer service

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best customer service we can offer. You'll have a dedicated account manager on hand to help answer your questions, and customer support when you need it. 

See SmartControl in action!

As a beta partner, we have worked closely with Microgenetics from the beginning. They have provided an excellent level of customer service and guidance throughout, which helped make onboarding of the software run smoothly. The team have been open to our suggestions and taken our feedback on board. Training was also provided by Microgenetics.

Mark Roderick, Managing Director Bath ASU