Rapid crop disease detection 


SwiftDetect can reveal the level of disease in your wheat and barley even in the latent period, with results in 1 business day.

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Uniquely Sensitive

The patented method of SwiftDetect gives it such sensitivity and speed, that it's able to test down to just a few pathogen cells of disease in your crop. Your results will provide you with actionable insight, so you can make more informed crop management decisions.

SwiftDetect can test for:

  • Septoria in wheat
  • Yellow Rust in wheat
  • Brown Rust in wheat 
  • Mildew in wheat 
  • Ramularia in barley
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Why use SwiftDetect

Your SwiftDetect results are an important tool to help with decision making. Here's what you can expect from using the test!


Gain an early warning

SwiftDetect is so sensitive, it will identify disease before visible signs emerge, so you can take action sooner.


Better targeting

Fungicide doses can be tailored according to disease levels rather than blanket sprayed. Also, spray timings can be based on disease levels rather than growth stage, improving effectiveness of treatment.


Save money and protect the environment!

SwiftDetect gave some of our customers last season the confidence to use less fungicide or even miss a spray, saving money and benefitting the environment.


Track disease levels over time

You can repeat SwiftDetect as little or as often as you'd like. Some of our customers tested throughout the season, so now have a deeper understanding of how their crop disease levels change over time.


Rapid turnaround

With a turnaround time of just 1 business day, SwiftDetect will provide you with insight into your disease levels, almost in real-time.


Hassle free

Since all you have to do is post a small sample of your leaves to us, SwiftDetect is hassle free.

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How SwiftDetect works

Using SwiftDetect is simple!

All we require from you is a small sample of leaves, to be posted to our state-of-the-art lab for testing. Before you know it, you'll be able to use your results to make informed decisions when it comes to the management and control of disease! 


1. Order your test online

Visit our online shop to purchase your test for £70.00. Choose to send your sample in your own envelope or a pre-paid one.


Collect your sample

We'll need 10 leaves, sampled by walking in a W-pattern across your field so your results are representative.


Wait 1 business day

Let us put SwiftDetect to work! Your results will be emailed to you.

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A new way to spray using SwiftDetect rapid test
A new way to spray using SwiftDetect rapid test (1)
A new way to spray using SwiftDetect rapid test (2)

What our customers say about us

Last season 100% of our surveyed customers were satisfied with their SwiftDetect results and 94% agreed that they will use SwiftDetect again. Here's what our customers say about us!

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"If you have a big farm and lots of fields, it [SwiftDetect] does help you decide where you should start first and focus your attention”

Agronomist, South West England

"It's a good influence on decision making. Results back within 24 hrs is a game changer and saved me £10/ha"

Farmer, South West England

"I was happy with the service and will be using SwiftDetect again next year, probably on those varieties that have a RL score of 5 or 6 and require the most care"

Farmer, East of England

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