The role of SwiftDetect in the management and control of crop disease​

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What you'll discover on this webinar...

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What is SwiftDetect?

What our revolutionary new test is and how it works

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Last season's results

What we saw last season with SwiftDetect

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SwiftDetect this season

What tests are available and how SwiftDetect can fit into your plans


SwiftDetect is a unique, super sensitive rapid disease detection test. Capable of detecting down to just a few pathogen cells, March 2021 was the first season the test was available. 

Now with many happy customers and even more data to showcase its accuracy, we'd love to tell you how SwiftDetect can help in next season's management and control of crop disease. 

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“A way of attaching some science and real data to something that is usually empirical”

Agronomist, South West

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chris steele

Chris Steele

Crop Diagnostics Product Manager, SwiftDetect by Microgenetics

With his background in agronomy, Chris joined Microgenetics in 2020 bringing with him a wealth of knowledge about the industry. Chris is responsible for project managing our rapid test, as well as making sure anyone who could find SwiftDetect useful knows about it!

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